Dr. Beth John knew she was dying at age 31. videoBut

Not a single doctor could tell her why. So she began a relentless search for answers that eventually enabled her to save her own life and return to vibrant health. She never dreamed that her personal challenge would give birth to a system that would allow anyone to learn how to heal themselves and others in addition to enhancing business and personal relationships.

This truly unique and life-enhancing method is now called Safa.

Reveal Thyself

Regardless of the state of your body there is a part of you that is always whole and intact. (Click on "What is Safa".) Dr. John found during her research that she regained health much more quickly when she found a way to reveal the wholeness in her body versus "fight" the disease. The Safa method teaches you to "reveal" the wholeness that is always there and bring forth health as opposed to "fighting" disease. This concept can be applied to relationships and business as well as the physical body.

Dr. Beth John, founder of The New Wave holistic Health Center located in Farmingdale NY, offers a profound healing experience. Dr Beth John is a licensed chiropractor in New York State, has aquired skills that can enrich every aspect of your life. The energetic system is called Safa and is a method anyone can learn to relieve pain, heal their body and others, enhance relationships, and more. This method combines the ancient understandings of the Hawaiians with modern science resulting in a diverse system that can be applied to improve most any area of your life. Dr Beth John and the New Wave Holistic Health Center also offers nutritional analysis and a variety of Edgar Cayce products and devices.

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