• Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

Safa has given my career the boost I’ve been searching for!  Within days of using Safa on my career, I’ve seen an increase in new business.  At this rate, the course will pay for itself in very little time.  I encourage everyone to check it out to get in the fast lane to success!

Doris Annitto, New York

I was up for a review at work. I was very upset because there was misinformation in there about me that had me considering taking legal action. So I Safa'd the problem before meeting with my supervisor. 

As soon as I walked in my boss commented that I looked very upset and asked why. I barely got the words out about my concerns when she took out a pen and crossed the whole thing out! There was another section I was not happy with and she immediately crossed that out too!...all without arguing or defending myself. I went from a review that contained potential litigation to the most beautiful review I have ever received with hardly speaking a word and lots of Safa!!

Kathy Diamond

"Yesterday I Safa’d an anticipated meeting with a CEO of a large public company...I had no idea whether I could have a chance to introduce myself to the CEO. Not only did the opportunity arise shortly after the meeting adjourned, but later he granted me one on one time to interview him. It went great! I was on a high.

 At lunch one of the other guests eating at the sushi bar started up a conversation with me out of the blue and out of it came a business opportunity! I have never had another woman start up a conversation from several seats away.

Safa had a lot to do with it--I was in the flow and it was drawing people who otherwise would have acted differently towards me."


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