• Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

I have been in the presence of many great teachers (Abraham) being in his own class. I have been with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Carolyn Myss and Reverend Michael Beckwith. As I told my fiancé upon my return from my Safa training, "That was the ultimate experience I've had to date!". I have already begun to see results from the beauty of Safa. The love, honor, and integrity in this course, are the elements that will change the world.

Larry Webb, Ct

Taking the Safa course blew me away! What truly rivaled my mind was the fact that not in a few months or years, but the very first day I was able to do Safa.  Feeling energy in your hands was not just something I read in a magazine anymore. Safa will remain with me for the rest of my life. Anyone who doesn't know about this phenomenon is clearly missing out on an invaluable resource.

Glenn Bucalo, NY

Since I took the Safa course, I haven't felt this good in years. During the Safa course, my shoulder freed up over night after being unable to move for 7 months…  I just feel great with all this new energy… I have been biking and walking farther than I have in years…

Claude Stout, Me

It has been over a year since I took your Safa course and a day does not go by that I don't use it.  Needless to say I am incredibly healthy. In addition to myself,  I have also experienced great success healing others and have decided to  begin my own practice.  I will be opening this Fall in the same office as my Naturopathic Doctor (and now good friend). Thank you so much for everything you have created and everything you taught me. 

Karen Karall, Canada

My husband and I took the course during a time in our lives when financially we definitely couldn’t afford it but emotionally and physically we didn’t have another choice... Taking the course on Safa brought my husband and I to a much deeper connection
On a side note I have lost about 25 pounds completely just from Safaing my organs that weren’t functioning at their best.  I am confident that I am going to lose another 10 and that is a great feeling. 

Kathleen Havel, NY

One very special thing about the Safa training is the short time of training necessary to receive the tools for a lifetime ahead.  With other schools there are months and sometimes years of in class investment that is prohibitive to many. 

Carole Dohoney, NY

I learned Safa 4 years ago because for 9 years I was unable to breathe, couldn’t stop coughing, couldn’t speak and was too fatigued to move.  Safa had helped me move forward immeasurably and now I stand at the threshold of perfect health.  Safa positively impacts all areas of life… I am very grateful for this. 

Bethpage, NY

What I found particularly helpful -- and in the long run financially beneficial -- was taking the Safa course… Knowing how to do Safa myself allows me to work on my own issues whenever I need to and for however long is necessary without having to worry about office appointments and schedules or the cost of care.  

Bill, Bayville, NY

I loved taking the Safa course because IT EMPOWERED ME!!  It opened my mind and heart to a whole new world. I now know we all have the ability to connect and make a physical change!  I feel as if I can do anything and everything!  Safa will change yours and the lives of everyone around you. 

Doris Annitto, NY

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