• Emotional/Relationship Testimonials

Emotional/Relationship Testimonials

I have had some major losses and stress in my life that has caused me clinical depression. One day I was very depressed and Dr. Beth John Safa’d me for 5 minutes and took the very low feelings of depression away. The medication I was taking for 2 years previously couldn’t do that.
It saved my life…There is not much more than that I could say. 

Kathy Diamond, NY

Since I got back from the Safa course I have been getting along so much better with my wife. I just get along with every one now! I take more time thinking than reacting so things go along a lot better. I don't mind waiting in line or traffic.  I can't believe it.  Safa helps every thing!  It’s nice being healed.  Makes things go a lot smoother when things are right.

Claude Stout, Me

Safa extended far beyond the healing of my physical body -  it healed my relationship with life, and that is pretty huge. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

Karen Karall, Canada

My boyfriend was very emotionally stressed and wound up going to the hospital. His sister phoned in to get him a long distance Safa. Within 10 minutes of having him Safa’d he was discharged out of the emergency room and walked out. I couldn’t believe the transition… He said “All of a sudden I feel so much clearer”.  Neither of us knew he was getting Safa’d then until later. That just proved to me that it really works.   

Bernadette, NY

Safa has helped alleviate everything from aches and pains to stiffness and weakness. It has also helped calm various emotional states such as anxiety or depression.  I highly recommend Safa to any looking to promote their well being. 

BW, New Jersey

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