• Physical Health Testimonials

Physical Health Testimonials

… I have had debilitating migraines since I was 14, now I am 46. I came to Dr. John with a severe migraine and she Safa’d me. She completely relieved the migraine within 45 minutes!!  Normally I would suffer for three days at a time. I wouldn’t be able to think or talk and I couldn’t walk from the numbness. With Safa I felt so great at the end of the session I actually made it to a meeting.  Since then I receive Safa regularly and I barely get any migraines at all…

I had another instance where I had a third degree burn. During the Safa session I could see the burn mark get smaller in front of my eyes. Within three days the whole burn was gone…

Kathy Diamond, NY

…Last year I had breast cancer and had a lumpectomy in my right breast. Recently during a sonogram of this same breast my doctor said they found something and needed to do a biopsy.  I decided to do Safa sessions first.  After only 4 sessions when I went in for my test the doctor couldn't find anything to biopsy! Just to be completely certain, I also had a breast MRI and that confirmed a clean bill of health… 

Karen Fox, Fla

… I’ve had chronic low back pain from several accidents over the last 20 years. ..  I was in a state of crisis with severe pain for more than three days and was confined to bed.  Then I experienced the miracle of Safa.  After the first session, the mobility change was amazing.  I felt 50% more mobile and could get up with ease.  Also 90% of the pain had also disappeared that very day…   

Doris Annitto, NY

…I love animals but used to suffer terribly from allergies around them.  Puffy eyes, scratchy throat, itchy skin and the inability to breathe properly are now a thing of the past thanks to Dr. Beth John and the remarkably simple techniques I learned in her Safa class…

Laurie A. Nearon, NY

The most amazing thing that happened to me during the Safa course was my shoulder freeing up over night after being unable to move for 7 months. During the first day of class I asked Dr. John to give me some guidance on it. She told me I would be fine and to wait until the end of the class because we would be Safaing each other. That same night it got better!

Claude Stout, Me

I have found Safa to be extremely helpful in dealing with all kinds of physical issues from sluggish digestion to respiratory congestion to headaches.  It seems to work on problems that are not remedied by medicine or conventional medical thinking, and also addresses issues that other alternative health techniques don’t remedy…

Bill, Bayville, NY

I was diagnosed at the age of 14 with Mitral Valve Prolapse. Every few years I routinely go and have an echocardiogram done. Eight years ago I was told that my valve was actually crushed and that somewhere in the next ten to fifteen years I would need a pig valve put in. Then I had a few Safa sessions.  Soon thereafter I had two echocardiograms done to find out that my heart condition is now gone.  Now, not one, but two echocardiograms have shown I have a clean bill of health. Something that was unable to be fixed or helped has now just disappeared, vanished, into thin air.

Sophia Bugdady, NY

I had called to receive a demonstration of Safa over the phone. I told Donna John I had a sty in my eye that had been there for months. She Safa'd my sty for 10 minutes and told me that the healing would continue and it would be gone soon. Within those 10 minutes the pain was gone and when I awoke the next morning the sty was completely gone. Just from a 10 minute demo! I was very impressed and look forward to using Safa more in the future.

Abby Martin

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