Safa is a method anyone can learn to relieve pain, heal their body and others, enhance relationships, and more. This method combines the ancient understandings of the Hawaiians with modern science resulting in a diverse system that can be applied to improve most any area of your life.

There is so much more beyond the mind!

Dr. John discovered that miraculous feats of healing among the Hawaiians were not unusual. After years of studying their culture and energetics, she learned that when all the components of the human being, not just the mind, are used in concert you can make powerful changes very quickly in your own body and life.

What makes Safa different?

  • You learn to use  your whole being to create change rather than just your mind

  • No special gift or talent is required

  • No initiations, rituals, symbols, or channeling is used

  • Much less time and money than most other methods

  • Actually doing Safa on the first day

  • Can be explained scientifically

  • Person not impregnated with a form of energy

  • Can be applied to business, relationships, homes, as well as your physical body

Learn this method and you will come to know how to access and harness a specific form of energy and interweave it with the cells of the body to reveal their original perfect form and function.  Learn to interface this same energy with a relationship or business venture to bring them to full potential.  

What does the word Safa mean?

Dr. John had discovered during her research, that there are many different forms of energy and that each one has its own specific characteristics. She found one stream of energy to be particularly conducive to interfacing with the cells of the human body.

She brought her research to a medical doctor who understood energetics.  As she was sharing her experiments and findings with him he suddenly asked “So, what are you going to call it?” “Call what?” she said. She had been so consumed looking for a way to save her own life that she hadn’t noticed that her personal search for health had evolved into the development of a new and complete system that could profoundly change ones life and deeply heal ones body. The doctor pointed out it had healed her!

A bit overwhelmed with this new realization, Dr. John was at a loss for a name. He then said “Close your eyes, go into your heart, feel the energy you have been working with, and tell me the first word that comes to your mind. The first word she thought of was pure.

This medical doctor was a Sufi and said the Sufi word for pure is Safa.  When she heard the word Safa, it struck her because the sound of the word felt like the energy she had been using. From that point on this energetic method and the energy it uses has been called Safa.

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